January 21, 2023
Built-In Appliances That Will Transform Your Kitchen
Indian kitchens are rapidly evolving. We've come a long way from the traditional kitchen with random placement of necessary elements to perfectly organized modular setups. However, with the introduction of built-in appliances, this is also changing. Built-In Appliances are kitchen appliances built into the kitchen's cabinetry or walls, creating a seamless, integrated look. Built-In Appliances are fixed in one place in the kitchen and are not moveable. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, built-in appliances have several advantages over traditional appliances.
Advantages of built-in-appliances:
  1. They are perfect for open-plan living
  2. They are easy to keep tidy and clean
  3. They create a sleek, minimalist design
  4. They offer sophistication and increased workspace qualities.
Types of built-in appliances
Built-in oven: A built-in oven, also known as a built-in microwave, is an excellent way to achieve a genuinely streamlined appearance. They have been ergonomically designed. They are no more bending down to check on the food or attempting to remove hot, heavy dishes from the oven. Wall ovens are installed at eye level to provide chefs with maximum convenience in the kitchen. The built-in microwave is sleek and elegant and appears to be futuristic.
Built-in dishwashers: Built in dishwashers were previously hidden away in the utility room, but nowadays, dishwashers are specifically designed to fit Indian kitchens. Dishwashers include a door panel that will fit nicely in your kitchen cabinets. Built-in dishwashers provide the most operating convenience without taking up too much kitchen space. Built-in dishwashers are considered one of the best conveniences for a small kitchen. They are not only visually appealing but also highly durable. They are simple to use and have various washing options for glassware, dirty pots, and pans.
Built-in Hob: Built-in hobs are a smart new option in cooktops that have made their way into traditional kitchens in recent years. The built-in hob, also known as the inbuilt gas stove in the kitchen, is popular due to the numerous benefits it provides to its users. The sleek design of built-in hobs is one of the primary reasons for their popularity. Builtin Hobs appear to blend into the kitchen counter, with the burners appearing to emerge from the counter itself, raising the kitchen's style quotient by several notches. They fit into the counter, ideal for kitchens that cannot afford to install large countertop cooktops.
Built-In Hood: Built-in hoods are simple to install, operate, and maintain, and they fit into all types and sizes of wall cabinets. Depending on the model, the extractor hood can be installed directly above the hob or near the ceiling and can be slightly visible or almost entirely concealed. Aside from keeping the kitchen air fresh and clean, extractor hoods also help to keep toxic fumes out of the kitchen.
The bottom line: A few appliance changes can make a massive difference in the aesthetics of your kitchen. Because the kitchen is the heart of your home, make it beautiful and functional by installing built-in appliances.