January 15, 2023
6 Kitchen Islands For Every Kind Of Home
A kitchen island is a stylish yet practical addition to any kitchen. It has three primary functions: food preparation, dining, and storage. A kitchen island is typically used as an extra workstation and adds to the functionality of the golden triangle. It can also serve as a casual breakfast counter and, in some cases, a storage and hob unit.

  • Enhances counter space for small appliances and food preparation.
  • Additional storage for cooking utensils and specialty tools is provided.
  • Seating is added along one or more sides with bar stools or dining chairs.
  • It becomes the focal point of the kitchen, where everyone spends their time.
Here are some examples of islands that can be used to transform your home.
Permanent Type Kitchen Island: As the name implies, a kitchen island is attached to the kitchen area and cannot be moved; depending on your needs and the size of the kitchen, it can be made in various shapes and sizes; it is also known as a fixed type Island. Because it allows for food preparation or cooking at a lower level and eating at a higher level, the permanent type island can combine two functions on one counter.
Double-Tired Island: The only difference between this double-tiered island and a fixedtype island is the two levels of counters. The island's two tiers serve as a divider in an open floor area, and the higher level is used as a buffet table and wet bar while hosting parties or other events. It provides dual services, such as cooking and dining, with lower- and higher-level dining facilities.
Circular Kitchen Island: A circular island is another design that works well in a small kitchen. While this unusual shape is not as familiar as its rectangular counterpart, it is still quite decorative and functional. The round tabletop allows easy prep, and some bases include curved cabinets or built-in Lazy Susans. It's also great for displaying decorative dishes or glassware on its open shelving.
Mobile Kitchen Island: A mobile kitchen island allows you to move your workspace to any location in the kitchen, making meal preparation more convenient. They're also visually appealing. Portable kitchen islands have evolved dramatically, with various styles and sizes. Simple techniques with metal frames and shelves and luxury styles with granite tabletops and built-in wine racks and cabinets are available.
Storage Cabinet Kitchen Island: For those who value organizational space, a storage cabinet island can help you maximize your kitchen space. Closed cabinets give you more room for bulky and difficult-to-organize pots, pans, and bakeware. Many models include built-in wardrobes, but customizing your kitchen island allows you to be more creative with the design.
Waterfall Island: Waterfall islands are both dramatic and elegant. This style of island works well in both modern and minimalist kitchens. The countertop on the waterfall islands flows seamlessly over the sides, much like a waterfall. Because of the smooth design, food cleanup is a breeze. Most waterfall islands are made of marble or quartz, but if you prefer a more rustic look, you can find them in concrete or a butcher block.
The bottom line: These are just a few of the various types of kitchen islands available for your custom home design. Before you choose a style, consider the size of the kitchen island you intend to have. This will assist you in narrowing down a type of island. Contact Easy Kitchen today if you're ready to make your dream home and kitchen a reality!